Amplifiers Binghamton NY

Make Your Guitar Rock!

Get a new amplifier for your guitar or bass

Your instrument is important while playing a gig, but you have to amplify the sound for the crowd to properly enjoy it. Without a good amplifier, you can end up with feedback and other audio problems. Turn to Music City when you need a new amplifier.

Talk to us about your guitar, music style and other factors, and we'll guide you to the amp that suits your needs. The next time you plug in, you're sure to sound incredible.

Wow the crowd with a top-quality amplifier from Music City. Stop by today to get the amp you need.

Find top-brand amps at affordable prices

Top-brand amps are worth every penny for their superior sound quality. We have guitar amps and bass amps from all the major brands, including:

  • Fender
  • Marshall
  • Vox
  • Blackstar
  • Orange

Need a new amp for your guitar or bass? Shopping for PA gear? Visit Vestal's premier guitar shop to get an amp that will blow the crowd away.