Lessons, Rentals and Sheet Music for your inner musician

Whether or not you play music or just like listening to the melodies, it's something that truly stays with you for life. If you are one of those people who likes to sit back and jam, we've got the widest selection of accessories and instruments for you to choose from.

Looking for a keyboard, banjo or ukulele to get your band started? We've got you covered. Trying to find the perfect PA gear or percussion to stand out at your cousin's wedding? We've got that, too. You can even rent items to test them out before going full-force, and we'll make sure that our lessons help you become the talk of the town--and not for just keeping everyone awake at night.

Deck out your room or garage in style

Some people might like the look of a Led Zeppelin or Phish-themed living room (we do!), but others might want to keep that more for the garage or bedroom. Either way, we've got a huge selection of rock t-shirts, tie dyes, posters and memorabilia to make your collection stand out. Want something that you don't see in our store? Chances are we can quickly order it for you and make sure to get it in stock. After all, what's life without a life-size cutout of Paul McCartney staring at you in the morning?

For more information about our products, or just to see what we've really got in store, visit our About Us page or just stop in. We're always happy to see smiling faces walk through the door.

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